The Final Plate: Celebrating Enzo’s Ristorante’s Journey

The Final Plate: Celebrating Enzo’s Ristorante’s Journey

After working his magic in the kitchen for four decades, Enzo Fazzari is preparing to hang up his apron.

As the curtains draw close on Enzo's Ristorante, we bid farewell to a 25-year journey of gastronomic delight that has been a pillar of Adelaide's Italian food scene. Serving the final dishes on May 3, 2024, Enzo’s Ristorante has been a loved food destination serving many meals to the most discerning foodies for over 25 years, celebrated by dignitaries, sports figures, families, and friends.

Recognized with numerous awards including the prestigious Ospitalita Italiana accreditation, Enzo’s Ristorante has stood as a beacon for authentic Italian cuisine. With gratitude for the past and anticipation for the future, Enzo reflects on the unforgettable experiences shared with patrons and staff alike.

Please note, Enzo’s Ristorante is now permanently closed, and no bookings are available at this time.

New Culinary Chapters

As we close one chapter, the Fazzari family is excited to embrace new beginnings. Enzo and his wife Teresa, along with their family, are eagerly anticipating the next phase of their lives, exploring new culinary and personal ventures. As they take time to unwind and enjoy some personal space, their children are stepping up to continue the culinary legacy.

Alex and Matt are bringing the beloved flavors of their father's cooking into homes across the region with 'Enzo’s at Home,' offering delicious, ready-made Italian meals.

Simultaneously, Natalie and her partner Alessandro are injecting a fresh, contemporary spirit into traditional Italian dining at Enoteca Lounge & Cucina, promising a unique blend of the old and new. This transition marks a period of great enthusiasm and innovation, honoring past traditions while forging exciting new paths in the culinary world.

Enzo’s at Home

Alex and Matt, Enzo's sons, are pioneering 'Enzo’s at Home,' a venture offering ready-made Italian meals straight to your door. Inspired by the heritage of Enzo's Ristorante, these dishes bring the taste of Italy into your home with the convenience and warmth of family cooking.

Enoteca Lounge & Cucina

Natalie, Enzo's daughter, along with her partner Alessandro Ennor, are at the helm of Enoteca Lounge & Cucina. This vibrant new restaurant and bar melds the rich traditions of Italian cuisine with modern culinary innovations, creating an exciting dining experience that continues the family’s legacy.

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